Risk Warning: Leveraged products carry a high level of risk to your capital. It is possible to lose more than your initial deposit and you may be required to make further payments.
22nd September 2017
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Central Markets Products

Market timing is the act of predicting the future direction of a market, typically through the use of technical indicators and accurate economic data. Experienced portfolio managers typically use this to increase returns on their portfolios.

Look at the pros and cons of buying certain stocks and see how we use our fundamental model to analyze the performance of our selection of 5 stocks in terms of profitability, value, growth, momentum and quality.

Share Trading

With Central Markets you can trade with yout favourite Stock option. There are almost 15.000 to choose from.


A Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP): It’s a HM Revenue and Customs approved personal pension scheme designed for investors who want flexibility and control over their investment strategy including the asset classes in which their pension fund is invested.


Through Saxo Capital Markets UK Ltd we have launched the Saxo ISA on in cooperation with their ISA Plan Manager, European Pensions Management (EPM) Ltd.


Traders with a focus on CFDs will find the spectrum of tools they need on our online trading platforms. The platforms provide an ideal workspace for trading a broad range of markets and assets – from Stocks, Stock indices, Commodities and ETFs to Forex – and now Government Bonds – with low margin requirements.


Through our platforms you can trade on live, receive dedicated liquidity in top of liquidity, acess the broadest range of currency pairs ans more.

Spread Betting

AlphaPro combines the latest technology with superior stability and speed to offer you a premium trading experience.