Risk Warning: Leveraged products carry a high level of risk to your capital. It is possible to lose more than your initial deposit and you may be required to make further payments.
22nd September 2017
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Private Equity

Our Service

Central Markets (London) Ltd provides a private client service on early and developing stage businesses that are below the radar of institutional investors and offer compelling opportunities for investment.

This is a stage of private equity we believe can offer the potential of greater returns than conventional asset classes, such as listed shares.

In our opinion, successful investments in companies at this stage of development require a combination of expertise in investment management together with sector expertise, understanding of technology commercialisation, legal and governance awareness, together with an understanding of overall risk management.

Our clients have the opportunity to build a portfolio diversified across companies at different stages of development.

These may range from early stage businesses that have developed their core technology and are seeking capital to expand their commercial development, to later stage businesses with established revenue streams seeking capital to develop a new part of their business or to pursue an international expansion programme.

Our offer

Assets within your portfolio need to work harder than ever before and the need for enhanced returns has seldom been greater.

Central Markets (London) Ltd offers a service enabling private investors to evaluate the high risks associated with investing a small part of their portfolio into private companies with the potential for high growth.

We strongly believe our service can enhance a well-balanced portfolio.

Our clients rely on us to source investments with high growth potential. We take into account the general economic climate and look for companies that can quickly build market share.

Add into the mix the opportunity to invest at historically low valuations, due to the depressed values of listed comparables together with the general market sentiment. We feel this could be the best time in a generation to be investing in private equity growth companies.

The events of the recent years have accelerated this process with serious investors recognising the need for alternative assets within a portfolio to increase the possibility of higher returns.

In fact, we are seeing many more private investors requiring a potentially high return component in their portfolios which combines an emphasis on risk management with potential tax advantages.

Many of our investment opportunities enjoy significant tax breaks through qualifying under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).

Whilst tax breaks alone is not a good reason to invest when attached to an attractive investment proposition they certainly can be an additional benefit as well as a useful tool in risk management.

The level of tax treatment depends on your individual circumstance. Tax breaks exist under current legislation and are subject to change.