Central Markets – Discretionary Services

The Discretionary arm of Central Markets was formed to bring boutique investment managers, and their strategies, to the wider investment community. Our senior management team have a vast amount of experience across the financial services industry, and bring with them an exceptional track record of success and innovation.

This depth and breadth of experience is focussed on delivering a service to investors so they can confidently engage Central Markets to manage their investments.

Our approach to investments is not constrained by benchmarks or a passive management style. Instead, we are focussed on managing and growing our client’s assets in a more dynamic way.

Through our focus on niche specialist managers, we are able to offer clients the opportunity to participate in exciting, alternative investments alongside institutional investors.

Know Our Process

Central Markets Investment Management has a robust process that incorporates:

  • Manager selection
  • Performance analysis
  • Risk management analysis and controls
  • Cost/benefit analysis of trading and execution
  • Stress testing of performance
  • Continuous manager assessment

Once this process has been completed we can implement changes to the strategy before offering it to our clients. This may include:

  • Aligning managers interests with those of our clients
  • Choosing the most efficient product structure for the strategy
  • Additional risk management protocols
  • Negotiation of underlying costs/dealing charges
  • Optimising fee structures

Our portfolio of Investment Programmes/Funds includes the following:

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