Bribery blights lives and Central Markets (London) Limited fully supports the United Kingdom’s Government in its aim to stamp it out. Central Markets understands that any suspicion of involvement in bribery would adversely affect our closely guarded reputation for honest and ethical behaviour.

Central Markets there aims to limit its exposure to bribery by:

  • Setting out a clear anti-bribery policy;
  • Training all our employees to recognise and avoid the use of bribery by themselves or others;
  • Reporting any suspicions of bribery to the appropriate authorities.

Our Anti-Bribery Policy

Central Markets (London) Limited prohibits the offering, giving, solicitation or acceptance of any bribe (whether cash or inducement), to or from any person or company, wherever they are in the world and whether they are a public official or body or a private person or company, by any employee, agent or other person acting on behalf of Central Markets, in order to gain any personal advantage, pecuniary or otherwise for the individual or anyone connected with the individual.

This Policy is not intended to prohibit practices that are customary, proportionate and properly recorded such as appropriate hospitality or the use of a recognised fast track process, publicly available on payment of an appropriate fee.

CML recognises that market practice varies and what is normal and acceptable in one situation may not be in another. This policy prohibits any inducement which results in a personal gain or advantage to the recipient or any person or body associated with them, and which is intended to influence them to act in a manner which is not solely in the interests of CML or any person or body associated, employed by, or representing them.

This policy is not intended to prevent the following practices provided that they are customary, proportionate and properly recorded:

  • Normal and appropriate hospitality;
  • The use of a recognised fast track process which is publicly available on payment of an appropriate fee; and/or
  • The offer of resources to assist a person or body, to make a decision more efficiently.

The prevention, detection and reporting of bribery is the responsibility of all employees and Board Members at Central Markets (London) Limited. Reporting should be made using the Whistleblowing procedure. If there is any doubt whether or not any act or potential act constitutes bribery, the matter should be referred to the Head of Compliance.